Technical Specification:

Time DelayFully adjustable from 12 seconds to 12 minutes
Wire Connection2 Wire connection, Live in/ Live Out (No Neutral Required)
Rating6A rating, approx 1440W at 240V AC
Max Load2A, approx 500w for CFL, LED and 2D lamps
BacklightingIlluminated switch backlighting
CECE certificated to EN60669
InstructionsInstruction Manual

When switching and low power lighting e.g. CFL, LED or 2D lamps a power factor correction capacitor (PFCC) will need to be wired across the switch live and neutral of the light fitting to aid effective switching and reduce risk of flickering.  A 4uF (microfarad) capacitor is recommended, available separately or with switch + capacitor bundle. Fluorescent tube lights do not normally need this capacitor as it is usually included with the fitting