This high-quality electronic weatherproof time lag switch is made out of high-quality ABS material
Easy to use – once installed simply set the time lag switch to the desired time interval which can be anywhere between 2 seconds and 2 hours.
  • Incandescent – 16A max, Fluorescent 6A max
  • Compact Fluorescent/Low Energy 3A max
  • Low Voltage 3 A max
The timer can be triggered by applying a live connection to the “trigger” terminal.  This can be done using a momentary switch for example, in lighting applications; or an unswitched link for applications such as extractor fan over-run.
Technical Specification:
  • Adjustable time function from 2 seconds to 2 hours
  • Multiple accurate time settings using DIP switches and rotary adjuster
  • IP Rating: IP66 rated, weatherproof switch, ideal for outdoor use
  • Multi-Point Switching: For switching the load from multiple locations simply connect two or more units in parallel. Note: All switches must share the same power supply.
  • Load Specification: – Incandescent lighting loads – 16A maximum – Fluorescent lighting loads – 6A maximum – Compact fluorescent/low energy lighting loads – 3A maximum – Low voltage lighting loads – 3A maximum (Note: a maximum of 6 Fluorescent light Fittings is recommended with a total power factor correction capacitance not exceeding 40µf.) Fans and ventilation equipment – 3A maximum