This wireless thermostat is a plug-and-play type temperature controller which consists of two parts, a plug-in socket, and a remote thermostat. The remote control uses the RF (Radio Frequency) communication with the power socket which allows you to control your room temperature from anywhere inside your house. Suitable for many kinds of heating device and to protect some home appliances. It will automatically turn on/off the heating device as the ambient temperature changes, in order to maintain a constant room temperature.

– LCD display with green backlight.
– Plug and play type, no need for installation.
– Portable design, hold in hand/ stand on a table or wall-mounted.
– No need to program, easy operation.
– Automatic learn code.
– High/low-temperature alarm.
– Display the current temperature and target temperature.
– RF 433Mhz RF technology.

– Free to choose Auto Operation or Always ON/OFF function (Remote control).
– Always ON: the connected heater will be always heating.
– Always OFF: the connected heater will be always OFF.
– Power outage will not affect the settings.
– Low battery warning, ?/? symbol will be flashing when the battery is lower than 2.7V.
– Remote control is powered by 2*1.5V AAA battery (not included)
– Plug type: UK

Technical Specification

– Remote control is powered by 2* 1.5V AAA battery (NOT included).
– Maximum power rating: 250V/13A/50Hz, 3250W.
– Current temp.range: 0~60 Celcius or 32~140 Farenheit
– Target temp.range: 0~60 Celcius or 32~140 Farenheit.
– Transmission frequency: 433.92 Mhz.
– Maximum range: 20m in open area.
– Thermostat dimension: 98mm*50mm*29mm
– Controller dimension: 122mm*42mm*20mm
– Thermostat Weight: 117g
– Controller Weight: 55g
– Unit weight: 172g (total)

Package includes:
1* Wireless Thermostat
1* Remote Control
1* User Manual (English)