• Patented shower with up to 50% water saving compared to a conventional shower
  • Full flow aerating shower with consistent spray pressure just as good as a conventional shower, if not better!
  • Lime scale build up prevention with wipe clean rubber nodules
  • Excellent value and water/ energy saving with performance better than market leading models.
  • Fits onto a standard shower hose, simply screws on, no tools needed
  • Self drains giving frost protection in motor home/ caravans

How does the air intake work?

A water saving aerating device is fitted at the base of the shower. Air will be inhaled continuously into water stream through the venturi hole to create a mix of water and air, this speeds up the water stream leading to an improvement of the water pressure, meanwhile water would be saved as air takes up half of the space. When water reaches the skin, it explodes automatically giving a pressurized and oxygenated SPA and massage feeling, with an enhanced blood circulation effect.

Which type of showers does this work with?

These water and energy saving showers work best with hot and cold mixer showers, thermostatic mixer showers and power showers. Eco Shower heads can be used with electric showers but they will generally not be able to give water or energy savings as electric showers regulates their own water flow. If this Eco shower head is used with an electric shower it will have the benefit of increasing pressure due to the aeration which is especially beneficial on low power 8 – 9.5 KW showers during winter when the water flow rate is very slow.


General residential usage, Guesthouses, hotels, university residences, hostels, caravans, motor homes, boats, yachts,

Technical Specifications (whilst maintaining a good shower experience!)

  • High pressure water flow (typical 30-50% less water/ energy usage), Conventional shower 13 Litres/minute, Lowenergie shower 9.1 Litres/minute
  • Low pressure water flow (typical 28-33% less water/ energy usage), Conventional shower 3.5 Litres/minute, Lowenergie shower 2.5 Litres/minute
  • Boat/ caravan/ motorhome application (typical 25 – 35% less water/energy usage); Conventional shower 4 to 5 Litres/ minute, Lowenergie shower 2.9 Litres/ minute, or put differently, your previous 6 minute shower can now last 10 minutes before you run out of water (based on 30L usage).


* Hot water gas savings £75 per year energy saving is based on an average efficiency conventional heating with separate hot water storage cylinder and a mixer shower. A typical shower could use 60 litres of hot water, which costs 7 kilowatt hours of gas to heat. Typical gas cost per KWhr is 4.3 pence, therefore 30 pence per shower. Based on two shower per day 365 days per year 30p x 2 x 365 = £219 hot water bill, 35% hot water saving is £76 per year

* Metered Water savings. The metered water bill for a typical house can be £587 based on water consumption of 433 Litres per day. 433L x 365 days is 158000L, therefore cost per litre of metered water is 0.37pence per litre. A typical shower for 6 minutes can use 60L of water, which costs 0.37p x 60 = 22p. two showers per days 365 days per year is £162, 35% water saving with this shower head saves £57 per year.