Solar Heating Mats

This solar pool heating mat is an environmentally friendly product using free heat from the sun. It works by absorbing heat from the sun’s rays into the specially designed the heavy-duty black matt material. Water is circulated through the pipes within the mat which is warmed up and in turn, gives you and your kids a lovely warm pool that does not cost the earth and is certainly much cheaper than any other form of water heating. For example, a 3KW electric pool heater could use over 11 of electricity per day!

Our solar pool heating mat can increase the temperature of your pool by 3 to 5 C per day depending on the pool size and weather conditions. During testing, over 2 to 3 days we have used this product to increase a pool temperature from around 20 C to almost 36 C which is certainly extremely comfortable.

We have chosen a tough NBR rubber material for our solar absorption mats which will have a long life and is UPVC degradation resistant. In our recent testing of similar products, we found that the cheaper PVC solar absorption mats are very easily punctured but their biggest problem is that the PVC material warps in the heat of the sun which can restrict water flow (see photo)

Product Features
1. Solar Pool Heaters are eco-friendly and produce clean energy. They will not harm the environment and help to reduce carbon emissions.
2. Solar Pool Heating Systems can significantly increase the seasons of the year you can comfortably use your pool which adds real value to your pool and home.
3. Solar Pool heating can pay for itself in a noticeably short period of time, depending on the system used and installation.
4. Solar Pool Heating Systems reduce your energy usage will give you real monetary savings every day.
5. Our Solar Panel collector is made from EPDM/NBR, which is virtually immune to ultraviolet radiation and ozone. It is also highly resistant to pool chemicals and harsh climate. Recommend minimum pool coverage is 75%, see installation guide below.

Note – Recommended flow rate of water through mat is between 5-20 litres per minute, i.e. minimum of 5 litres per minute and maximum of 20 litres per minute.

Installation Guidance
The solar collector can be installed almost anywhere on the roof of your house, garage, porch, shed, pergola or directly on your lawn. Additional fixings may be required. Ensure the solar collector water circulation tubes are not damaged during fixing. If the solar collector is mounted directly onto your lawn on a seasonal basis when your pool is in use, you may wish to lift it slightly above the grass as it does get very warm and can scorch the grass. One or more solar collector mats can be joined for increased heating capacity. Solar collector panels should be orientated to the south in facing in the earth’s northern hemisphere and in an un-shaded location.

Calculation Example (Children’s Play Pools) : Circular pool, 8-foot diameter (2.44M diameter). pool diameter X pool diameter X average depth X 0.79
Calculate your pool water volume i.e. 2.44M x 2.44M x 0.5m in depth X 0.79 = Pool volume 2.35m3 (0.79 corrects water volume for the round pool)
Recommended minimum panel coverage is 75% = 1.76 m2.
So two 1m solar collectors are recommended, or you can oversize the solar collectors to compensate for occasional cloudy conditions.

Pack Contents

  • 1pc EPDM/ NBR tough rubber mat, UPVC resistant,  with manifold pipes
  • 2pcs, water intake and output pipe connections which will fit a standard 32 mm hose
  • 2pcs, metal jubilee clips to ensure type pipe connections
  • 2pcs, manifold connection pipes to enable multiple mats to be joined together for increased heat generation used with larger pools.
  • 6pcs spare rubber gaskets
  • 1pc, detailed 12 page user manual which also gives advice on expansion kits and larger solar pool heating applications.

These are available in 3 sizes

  • 0.66m x 1.5m
  • 0.66m x 6.05m
  • 1.33m x 3m